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“After two months of working with Glow SEO I had the biggest December in history!  I have been online for almost 10 years and it was the best.  I would highly recommend Glow SEO if you want “a job well done!” – Pat Cookus (African Butterfly)

“I highly recommend Glow SEO for SEO work. We were in a crisis a year ago with diminished sales and plummeting rankings.  Glow SEO had a clear plan and systematically fixed our website errors, gave us recommendations for promoting our site and did in-depth research to identify areas in which we could pull ahead.  Now our sales are up and we’re as busy as we can handle. Thank you!” – Joanne Comito (Dreaming Earth Botanicals)

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GLOW SEO Company Introduction

Today, the Internet is becoming a very large part of a successful business marketing plan.

For one thing, it means it’s time to update your website and get high Page Ranking in specific categories you want to get visitors from.

You need a site that has been coded with Glow SEO “Responsive Page Ranking design” and focused on getting your site listed on the first page of Google in your niche markets. You may not have even thought of the keywords your market is searching.  We do the research behind what your market is searching and how much traffic your keywords are getting to bring you more traffic.  Glow SEO “Responsive Page Ranking design” allows people searching on Google to see your site easily because your website is always put in the right market areas and placed at the top of Google’s  search results.  Cool—right.

So, you’ll need us to help you easily modify your website in page rank responsive design.  No big deal.  The cost is small but the benefits can be huge.  Consider this- if you’re one of the first to do so within your niche market you should see an increase in conversions and sales.  Those website businesses that have not made the switch will see an increase in their bounce rate and a drop in sales and ROI.  Two things any web business person never likes to see.

To reach the largest number of your prospective clients you will need to be directed toward  keyword markets.  You’ll see a jump in traffic and an increase in page ranking.  Your happy meter will be up too!

Page Rank marketing is about marketing to the very people interested in your product or service at the very moment that they’re searching for it.  For example if your business is furnace repair and sales, wouldn’t you want your website to come up in the top five Google listing, when someone in your area is searching for 24-hour emergency furnace repair?  That’s Glow SEO “Responsive Page Ranking design” and it offers greater opportunities for results.



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