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on December 11, 2012

Backlinking used to be far more important to the SEO mix, but after the Panda update it has become less of a ranking factor. However, back-links are still important to getting a high page rank. This helps a site rank better against competitors. It is important to maintain quality links and give outbound links to knowledgeable websites.

Giving other sites credit for their expertise is important in getting ranked. It tells Google that your site is not just linking to other sites for reciprocal links. You are providing users with information and direction. As a plus, you get crawled faster by search engine bots.

Search engine bots analyze the back-links of sites and determine where they are coming from. If you are linking in a robot may take notice. They will then crawl your site and get it ranked faster – if it is a new site.

It helps you to get discovered by webmasters as well. If they see that someone is linking into their page they may also provide a reciprocal link. This may not help you as much as a direct non-reciprocal link, but it can improve your ranking if it is to a credible website.

Why Backlinking is Important

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