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How to Benefit from the Google Hummingbird Update

on October 3, 2013

Google has changed its search algorithm yet again, but don’t be alarmed. Google updates have gotten a bad rap for messing up search engine rankings of websites and making SEO more complicated. During the Panda and Penguin updates many companies were hit hard by changes. There are a few things that Hummingbird does differently, which have expanded search to new levels without hurting website traffic.

Rather than focusing on a few keywords within the search results, the Google Hummingbird update takes into account whole sentences. What this means is that your site has an even greater chance of being seen, not less. The more relevant and detailed you make your content the more likely it will be picked up. The only sites that will be hurt are spam sites that offer little content.

People looking for all the new tips & tricks of getting ‘top ranking’ will be both relieved and disappointed. Many of the same rules still apply. Google reassured web developers that so long as you are being original and producing high quality content you had nothing to worry about.

Still, there is something you can do to improve traffic. The best way is to create a “how to” article or ask a question and answer it. When users are searching for something specific they often phrase it as a question. The algorithm tries to pick up on natural language people use to search. Phrasing something as a question allows it to get picked up more quickly.

You can expect that Google will improve in providing natural search results with further updates, so think more about what terms people might be searching for in your industry. Investigate common questions and concerns people might have about products and services you provide.

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