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High Page Rank

High Page rank
It can be a struggle to get a high page rank up. What determines a page’s rank has remained somewhat consistent in the face of so many changes to search engines. To achieve a high page rank a site needs organized text, back-links and relevant content.
Write articles and product descriptions for users on your site. You […]

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Organic Search

Organic Search
Organic search is a form of non-paid advertisement. It is more reliable than pay for click because people will not skip over it as if it were an advertisement.  Studies have shown that 77% of people skip over paid sponsored search results. SEO tweaks your site to better achieve these organic ranking. Organic search […]

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How to get better Organic Rankings

Organic Rankings
Get better organic rankings with these tips
A great way to get ranked faster by Google is to create outbound links, where you link to sites that have similar content. Google likes to see outbound links without reciprocals. An outbound link tends to signal an organic link rather than a site that is link farming. […]

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Organic Listings

Organic Listings
About Organic listing
Getting an organic listing is harder than ever. When people search on the internet they are interested in finding information and may not want to see a bunch of companies show up in the results. When someone is interested in making a purchase, they will use specific phrasing.
It is important to show […]

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Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm

Google assigns a numerical weight to each website to determine it’s importance in a search on a scale of one to ten, which is called “page rank.”  Many think of a search engine algorithm as seeking a word or phrase entered.   However, this is not entirely the case.  Many search engines also try to find […]

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Google Ranking

Google Ranking

Google ranking is now determined by the quality of your website and what it provides to users.  There are more factors to consider than your website’s content.  Your Google page ranking is now centered around the interaction of users with your website 
content.  Your Google page rank is determined by a few high quality […]

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Organic SEO Strategies

Organic SEO Strategies


Give Google exactly what it wants: quality content. Spammers had been stealing information from pages and getting ranked higher than the original source. Google went after them and introduced the Panda update to hurt copyright infringers. Be careful about duplicate content – more than 60% of your text should be unique to you. […]

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Search Engine Strategies

Search Engine Strategies

Internet users are dependent upon search engines, over 80% of users are using search engines to find the information they need. It is essential to maximize a website’s visibility and drive traffic for business. This method is cheap when compared with other advertising. SEO can create long-term results. Strong link building and page optimization […]

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Page Rank Tool

Page Rank Tool
Where you rank in the search engines is a combination of relevance and page rank. You want to rank high on these results, because it is unpaid advertising for your company. You can also get the advantage of outranking competition for important keywords.
You can check your page rank on our homepage at the […]

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Top 10 Reasons to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO

What is SEO?  Search engine optimization or SEO helps your business optimize your web pages so they get first page rankings on Google, which in turn maximizes user traffic to your website.
Why do SEO?  They are many  reasons why we recommend doing SEO such as:
1.) PPC (Pay per click) does not deliver good returns on investment.
The […]

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