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Google Adwords

on December 18, 2012

How to Use Google Adwords

Optimize your site though Google Adwords the way Google wants it

Google Adwords is a tool any business can use to provide information on keywords and placement. They have several tools all in one for you to use. You can monitor conversions and revenue new keywords could generate. It is vital to any SEO strategy.

Use Google Adwords to sort ad group ideas under the Keyword Tool. They package them nicely in a CSV file for you to download and organize for planning SEO. This is a great way to get a sense of what it will take to get ranked. The Keyword Tool provides information on how competitive a keyword will be.

The keyword tool is intuitive to use. Place in your keyword ideas and it will suggest several more in your market, which you could get ranked for. You can even see the likely traffic if you rank high for each keyword.

A lesser known feature is Google Adword’s advanced filter for the placement tool. It can determine what kind of ads will work well with various devices. You can even look at demographics, such as gender and page visit duration. This tool also helps determine what size and location of ads will optimize the site.

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