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Google Ranking

on October 31, 2012

Google Ranking

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Google ranking is now determined by the quality of your website and what it provides to users.  There are more factors to consider than your website’s content.  Your Google page ranking is now centered around the interaction of users with your website 
content.  Your Google page rank is determined by a few high quality articles which have relevant back links as well as the organization your website.

Before the Panda Update on Sept. 18, 2012 Google’s ranking system was primarily based off of the number of high quality and relevant websites linking into a web page.  This is still beneficial, however, the most important aspect for increasing you page rank are having quality and original or unique content and having descriptive and accurate custom “snippets” for search engines.

Below is a video of Matt Cuts explaining the importance of these “snippets” in search:


Another change in the Panda update is that sudden link spikes can hurt you. Google has started to track the timing of inbound links and penalizes sites that show a sudden increase. The search engine sees this as suspicious behavior and possible link-farming. It is better to have gradual linking to a site in order to improve rankings. When Google sees an increase over time they are more confident that this is organic linking and will reward those sites.

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