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on November 6, 2012

High Page rank

It can be a struggle to get a high page rank up. What determines a page’s rank has remained somewhat consistent in the face of so many changes to search engines. To achieve a high page rank a site needs organized text, back-links and relevant content.

Write articles and product descriptions for users on your site. You should always think about how people are going to use your site and whether an article helps them to actually find the information they are looking for. If they don’t find it they will look elsewhere – and quickly! Google wants to be relevant and will reward sites that give people exactly what they are searching for.

Add the proper keywords to articles. This will tell the search engine and users what an article is about. If you use the right keywords in your market, you can be better seen. Put the keyword throughout your anchor text (examples: articles, page info, etc.), this will reinforce the message you are trying to send.

Get high page rank back-links from sites in your niche. Just 1 link from a high quality site is worth 100 from general forums or blogs. That one link tells the search engine that your site is a quality source of information. Google updated their algorithm because of spammers, and back-linking has become less important in determining the quality of a site. Increase the quality of your site so that people will back-link naturally.

The most important factor achieving a high page rank is building a site for users. Think about some of the most popular websites out there. They are generally social media, information (wiki’s) and news sites. They are the ones that make sharing information easier or entertain a large audience. High page rank can be achieved if you design a site with a good user experience.

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