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Low Page Rank

on November 13, 2012

Low Page Rank

Why you might have a low page rank

There are many factors that contribute to a poor page rank. If you have created a new site it can take several months to see an improvement in your rankings. Other than starting a new website there are several other things that may lower your rank. Be aware of the content on your site and how users engage with it.

Poor content can hurt your site. If a robot thinks that your content is too repetitive or has a low percentage of originality (i.e. you copy too much content), it may penalize your site. Since the Google Panda update Google now has a better idea of where content originates. Spammers have had yet to catch on and their websites are hurting because of it. A regularly updated website can do wonders for low page rank.

Link-farms will not help you and may actually harm you in the long run. You cannot control who links to your site, only who you link to. Do not submit your site to unrelated link directories hoping to get a good page rank. Links are far less important in the new SEO.

If you link back to link-farms you may be hurting your SEO efforts if they are unrelated. Google refers to these sites as “bad neighborhoods.” You might be mistaken as a part of one of these bad neighborhoods if you associate them, so be careful. Filter comments for spam links and only link to sites with useful, related information.

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