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Organic Listings

on November 1, 2012

Organic Listings

About Organic listing

Getting an organic listing is harder than ever. When people search on the internet they are interested in finding information and may not want to see a bunch of companies show up in the results. When someone is interested in making a purchase, they will use specific phrasing.

It is important to show up in keywords that indicate that someone is intent on buying, rather than for a keyword that vaguely applies to a company. This will generate better conversion rates and leads. For example, if someone looks up “sports equipment,” they are probably more interested in buying than if they look up “sports stars.”

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing keywords is building a brand. The keyword repeats the idea of your product and people will start to associate your brand with that specific word. When you think of soda what is the first thing to come to mind, a brandname? Type in soda to Google images, and what turns up? Brands! People are linking to and sharing the brands they associate with soda. Organic listings start with building a brand and getting people to talk about it.


What are some linking strategies you can use?

  • Link to good quality websites and try to get links from websites in your topic.
  • Edit the meta tags and description to make your pages easier to share on social networking sites.
  • Get links from a range of places – articles, blogs, directories, etc.
  • Do not just link to the homepage. Real organic links tend to link to different pages on a site, where interesting information can be found.

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