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How to get better Organic Rankings

on November 1, 2012

Organic Rankings

Get better organic rankings with these tips

A great way to get ranked faster by Google is to create outbound links, where you link to sites that have similar content. Google likes to see outbound links without reciprocals. An outbound link tends to signal an organic link rather than a site that is link farming. People might even link back if they notice the traffic to their website.

Make sure that your theme is consistent. Create pages that relate to your overall theme. This will help google to rank a website and relate other keyword to your site. Once you rank well for certain keywords Google might include you in other keywords found in your articles. You may find that you rank better for something outside the keyword you were looking for.

Organic rankings should take into account conversion rates more that anything else. What keywords in your market are receiving the most traffic and purchases? Optimize for that keyword and variations of it. Rankings are useless if they don’t make money. If you focus your efforts on keywords that aren’t converting, it can waste a lot of time that could be spent in ones that do.


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