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Organic SEO Strategies

on October 18, 2012

Organic SEO Strategies

Organic SEO Strategies, SEO Tips, quality SEO, resources, information


  1. Give Google exactly what it wants: quality content. Spammers had been stealing information from pages and getting ranked higher than the original source. Google went after them and introduced the Panda update to hurt copyright infringers. Be careful about duplicate content – more than 60% of your text should be unique to you. Organic SEO strategies should be implemented to prevent bots from mistaking your site for a spam.
  2. Reduce the ads on your page and organize them. Too many poorly placed ads can harm not only the user experience, but also how a bot reads your site. Bots are penalizing sites for placing more weight on ads than on actual site content. If you have too many ads it could be hurting your site.
  3. Edit your title tags. They should reflect what the page is about so that robots can better index it. If you do not have accurate title tags your could be missing out on opportunities in your market. Organic SEO strategies can be used to compare your site to the competition and see what is working in that market for SEO.
  4. Write a description for each page of your website. A nicely designed page is nothing without an accurate description of what is on it. Robots will have a harder time reading your pages if there is no information to grab.
  5. Get relevant back-links to your site. Back-links are still important, but much less than they were since the Panda update. The focus is now on the quality of your website and how people are interacting with it. Each website linking in should be related to your topic.


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