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on September 27, 2012

Page Rank Tool


Where you rank in the search engines is a combination of relevance and page rank. You want to rank high on these results, because it is unpaid advertising for your company. You can also get the advantage of outranking competition for important keywords.

You can check your page rank on our homepage at the top:

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A relevant page uses keywords that match the search phrase. The title should accurately describe the content of the article, and should be repeated throughout the page. Another way that Google determines relevance is to look at other sites linking into a site. The Google algorithm looks at the content of those sites and determines if they relate to the page.

Page rank on the other hand is not determined by any search phrase. It gauges the credibility of the site by looking at links in and content. Those with a higher page rank will do better than their competitors in the search rankings, even with as relevant content.
How do you know which sites should link to you? You look at their page rank. The better their page rank the more credibility the search engine gives that site. The best sites will have a page rank over 5. Anything under that will not necessarily hurt you, but it will not help you significantly in the rankings.

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