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Search Engine Optimization Company

on November 23, 2012

Search Engine Optimization Company

What a Search Engine Optimization Company can do for you

It is important for every company to know what they want out of SEO, other than a first page rank. SEO companies can do a lot more. SEO can optimize a site for speed, click-through and user interaction  An SEO company can help companies to flesh out goals and discover new markets. SEO companies can also create a brand and build social networking.

Good SEO companies will track traffic over time, fix crawl errors and work with your company to optimize meta descriptions indexed a site properly for Google. An SEO company should not put an emphasis on link building, which has seen its influence reduced since the Panda update. A quality company will be much more concerned with traffic and usability.

If you have someone working on link building Google might see it as suspicious activity. Organic linking is going to be much more important to your SEO strategy and driven by the quality of your content. Ask an SEO expert what keywords you should use to generate traffic organically. An expert can optimize a page to get keywords ranked higher.

SEO companies should never use shady methods to get a site ranked. Google is getting better at hitting sites that do this. Monitor all activity from the SEO company you are working with. If the company only provides page rankings and does not track improvement over the long-run for each of your keywords – do not hire them. Hire companies that can find the root of your problem, keep you informed of changes, and work with you to create quality content.


The three most important things you can do before contacting an SEO company are:

  1. Define your goals. What do you want out of SEO?
  2. Research SEO companies that have worked in your market.
  3. Figure out what issues your site has that you can test the company on.

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