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Top 10 Reasons to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO

on July 20, 2012


What is SEO?  Search engine optimization or SEO helps your business optimize your web pages so they get first page rankings on Google, which in turn maximizes user traffic to your website.

Why do SEO?  They are many  reasons why we recommend doing SEO such as:

1.) PPC (Pay per click) does not deliver good returns on investment.

The competition is high for PPC, since it is easy to set up and many businesses are doing it. When competition is high this increases the cost per click for your company.  If your budget runs low you will end up losing your place in the search engine.  Search engine optimization builds organic links, which give companies a SOLID position in several keywords. Any PPC effort should be made in tandem with SEO.

2.) Many internet surfers use programs such as “Ad-block Plus” to block out pay per click advertisements.

This means that fewer and fewer people are clicking on these sites.  Whereas an organic result will not be blocked.  Some studies show that 60% of searchers click on organic results versus a paid advertisement, because it is more relevant to them.

3.) Your page appears more relevant.

“Organic” SEO techniques use carefully selected keywords in your web text that match commonly searched terms. This brings people to your website that are interested in your content without having to pay a penny to search engines. You can end up save money in the long-term.

4.) SEO is a long term investment that delivers a good return on investment when done with a plan in mind.

SEO must be done with a plan of action in mind, using keywords in content to maximize its reach. A good SEO plan makes use of many strategies and changes according to the search engine algorithms. A bad SEO plan makes use of only one or two strategies. You need knowledge of SEO methods and to see what is working and what is not. SEO can take 3 to 6 months to show results, so a plan is necessary to keep track of progress.

5.) You can reduce bad PR

You can find where negative PR is located and respond back to them. This lets customers know that you are dealing with they have with a product or service.

6.) There is no limit to the clicks you can get, it is all dependent on the keywords you chose.

If you choose keywords specific to your market and optimize for them you can get free advertising. There are no pay per click limits. With SEO you get ranked for the long-term.

7.) Create more quality content.

It can help you find the real intent and purpose behind your website. If you have a site filled with non-related content it is going to hurt the ranking of your site. SEO encourages you to pay attention to your content and direct it toward your buying audience.

8.) Make content more accessible to robots.

SEO professionals can determine if your site is suffering from a crawl error or other technical problem. It is important to create sitemaps and a post hierarchy to aid robots in indexing content. SEO can also determine if 404 page errors are showing up.

9.) SEO increases leads.

The more visible your site, the better the chance someone will contact you with an order. You can pry away customers from competitors with a site designed with the customer in mind.

10.) Gives you the ability to monitor your competitors

What are your competitors doing that makes them so successful? With SEO you can uncover the secret tricks they are using to rank higher than you. You can also see what markets they are optimizing for an take advantage of that.

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