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What is the Pigeon Update?

Google has once again updated its search engine with the “Pigeon Update.”  The new update puts a focus on improving local searches. Whether the changes will be good or bad for business has yet to be seen.
Google has revealed that the update has improved distance and location parameters for search. The results will also take […]

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What Signals Does Google Use to Determine Quality?

Google Quality Signals
Google avoids sharing the complete list of ranking factors used to determine quality. The company withholds the information to both keep people from gaming the system and to block competitors from doing the same. To gain the upperhand, webmasters must use trial and error to see what factors will rank well, or be […]

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How to Benefit from the Google Hummingbird Update

Google has changed its search algorithm yet again, but don’t be alarmed. Google updates have gotten a bad rap for messing up search engine rankings of websites and making SEO more complicated. During the Panda and Penguin updates many companies were hit hard by changes. There are a few things that Hummingbird does differently, which […]

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The Low Competition Keyword

What are Low Competition Keywords?

Low competition keywords build credibility with Google. Focusing your energy on low competition keywords may not seem desirable, but trying to rank in high competition keywords wastes energy if a site has no previous credibility with Google. While not the most sought after keywords, low competition keywords can leverage other keywords if […]

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Google Adwords

How to Use Google Adwords
Optimize your site though Google Adwords the way Google wants it
Google Adwords is a tool any business can use to provide information on keywords and placement. They have several tools all in one for you to use. You can monitor conversions and revenue new keywords could generate. It is vital to […]

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Backlinking used to be far more important to the SEO mix, but after the Panda update it has become less of a ranking factor. However, back-links are still important to getting a high page rank. This helps a site rank better against competitors. It is important to maintain quality links and give outbound links to […]

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What is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate
What a bounce rate means for you
The bounce rate is determined by how many viewers are only looking at a single page when they visit a site. Google uses this as an indicator of site quality. They may hit the back button, type in another web address or click a link to an outbound […]

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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Search Engine Optimization Consulting
What to look for in Search Engine Optimization Consulting
Some basic services that an SEO consultant should prove are:

Keyword analysis
Robot.txt file optimization
Creation of a site-map
Improvement of site navigation
Removable or redirection of 404 and 301 errors

Once any glaring errors of a website are cleared up an SEO consultant should provide a more in-depth analysis […]

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Top 8 SEO Tools

Top 7 SEO Tools
Some SEO tools you might find useful
1. SEOmoz PRO
SEOmoz helps with linking and tracking the competition. It is a great tool to monitor your progress. SEOmoz Pro provides on-page optimization and social media monitoring; specifically Facebook.
2. Market Samurai
Market Samurai includes automatic ranking checks for all your keywords in a few seconds. This […]

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Search Engine Optimization Company

Search Engine Optimization Company
What a Search Engine Optimization Company can do for you
It is important for every company to know what they want out of SEO, other than a first page rank. SEO companies can do a lot more. SEO can optimize a site for speed, click-through and user interaction  An SEO company can help companies […]

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