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 It is essential to keep your search engine ranking on the rise and drive traffic to your website!

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 Below are examples of results we have helped produce for our clients recently:


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Not only do we focus on building organic and referral traffic to your site, but we focus on optimizing your market keywords organically.


What is the Difference Between Organic Search, Pay-Per Click and Sponsored Search?

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements.   In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay-per-click advertising.  When you search for something in Google, Yahoo or MSN the sponsored or pay per click results will always be at the top of the page above the organic results and highlighted in faint yellow.

Pay-per-click results are those that companies pay a fortune to get their site to show up in those sponsored sections of Google, Yahoo & MSN. You will see them at the top of nearly EVERY search you do and also to the right of the page.

The rankings I am quoting below do NOT count the sponsored sites in positioning. I.e. #1, #2, #3. These are advertisements targeted to the keyword phrase searched. Not actual search engine results.

Here is an example of Google sponsored results – you can see the very faint yellow background around the top 3 sites – and off to the right I have pointed out the word “Sponsored Links” to show you where to look.


Google and YAHOO both use this method of placing the sponsored links at the top and using the same format as the real results. Thus making sponsored results look like they are part of the organic results. Search engines do this because people are so are desensitized to advertisements. 75% of all online searchers skip over sponsored results and go straight to the organic results.

Here is a YAHOO organic search result (circled). The 3 sponsored results (arrow) at the top have a light color background in this example.

yahoo seo, seo on yahoo

Have you noticed in the last year or so that GoogleYAHOO and MSN stopped putting #1, #2, #3, #4 etc. next to the search results because they want the sponsored results to blend in?

Looking at MSN, it’s a little different of a view.  The sponsored listings at the top have a grayish background and they also have the sponsored listings to the right. In addition they have a little section at the far top right that suggests you “Expand your search,” which are all paid for advertisements.

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SEO Keyword Rankings Results:

Below are examples of work we have produced for our clients.  Please note that search engines change up and down slightly everyday and from location to location so you may see slight variances in the rankings. Type the search term/keyword into the search engine mentioned below and look for the website that it is listed beneath.

Did you know…. the most accurate way to get accurate keyword rankings across the web it to:

1.) sign out of all your Google accounts

2.) clear your cash search “incognito browsing” or private browsing

and then search your term.

We offer International SEO, National and Local SEO Services.  Below is an example of work we have done for an International client as well as a small business.

Pacific Domes International

Asha Deliverence

(SEO for United States & Europe)

Below are a few examples of keywords we targeted, our rankings and the total competition for the keyword search results:


#1 dome 205,000,000 results

#1 domes 22,100,000 results

#1 event dome 70,000,000 results

#1 dome houses 22,800,000 results

#1 geo domes 829,000 results

#1 dome homes 19,900,000 results

#1 geodesic domes 272,000 results

#1 eco domes 3,900,000 results

#1 & #2 event domes 5,260,000 results

#1 & #2 playground dome 3,330,000 results

#1 & #2 playground domes 419,000 results

#1 & #2 projection dome 4,000,000 results

#1 & #2 projection domes 707,000 results

#1 & #2 relief domes 17,100,000 results


#1 playground domes 12,000,000 results

#1 playground dome 11,700,000 results

#1 & #2 eco living dome 6,330,000

#1 geodesic domes 5,750,000 results

#1 & #2 bioenergy domes 11,100 results

#2 & #3 relief domes 21,400,000 results


#1 playground domes 6,350,000 results

#1 playground dome 11,700,000 results


Upscale Furniture Consignment

Below are a few examples of keywords we targeted, our rankings and the total competition for the keyword search results:


#2 used furniture fort collins

#2 consignment furniture fort collins

#2 furniture consignment fort collins

#2 resale furniture fort collins

#3 consignment furniture stores


Dreaming Earth Botanicals


#6 aromatherapy blends

#10 therapeutic essential oils


Star Marine Depot


#1 B&G Zeus Z12

#1 B&Z Zeus Z8

#3 B&G Zeus Touch

#3 B&G T41

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