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Newsletter Marketing

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Targeted Marketing – newsletters are an easy and effective way to reach customers.  We offer E-mail newsletters through Constant Contact.  Why Constant Contact?  Constant Contact gets you in the inbox.

Why do Email Marketing:

1. Different People, Different Channels

Different parts of your website traffic could come from organic traffic, pay-per-click advertising, social media and others though email newsletters. Different people will choose different channels so reach out to them all!

2. Relationship Building with Customers or Potential Customers

Keep building your relationship with your previous customers because they already chose you.  Continue building a relationship with those who have already opted in and signed up for your email newsletters, nurturing them along until they become a customer.  This way you can keep moving things along in the inbox, kindly and without a commitment, in a way only the soft approach of a newsletter can do.

3. Stay at the Top of Your Customers’ Minds

The first order is only the beginning of potential orders that lie ahead if you continue to nurture your relationship with your customers.  Email marketing can nonchalantly keep you at the top of your customers mind until it’s time for another or a different purchase.

4. Social Media Sharing

What do people share? Content! Whether they “like” it, tweet it, link to it , blog about it or share it, people spread the word about content they like. This can be in the form of writing, video or pictures and newsletters can have all of this.  If you have great content there is a good chance people will spread the word.

5. Aiding in SEO

SEO is the key to being found on search results organically for Internet marketing.  Quality content is essential to having good SEO.  Every time you archive your newsletter you add content to your website, which is easy to benefit from.

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is helpful for SEO and newsletters are content as well, a double benefit.

7. Using Content for Multiple Purposes

Content is valuable and the more you can get out of it the more value it has.  You can use the same newsletter as a blog and then post it on all your social media sites as well. This allows you to write it once and use it repeatedly. Your newsletter can “feed” other parts of your marketing.



Newsletters include:

  • Uploading Emails
  • E-mail Newsletter Management
  • Branding – Custom Template Design
  • Social Media Sharing Integration

Initial Company Custom Email Design – $70.00

Emails – $50

We create a newsletter schedule, usually monthly or bi-monthly and discuss with the client the topics or promotions they want emphasize. All emails sent out are first approved by the client and tested.


Why We Use Constant Contact:

Personal Email Accounts (Gmail or Yahoo) Aren’t Approved Bulk Mailers

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo are not approved bulk mailing services and limit the number of emails sent. Bulk emails are often marked as spam and never even make it to the recpient’s inbox.  You may think this will be saving you $20-$30 more per month, however, you can loose more by not makeing it into your subscribers’ inbox.

Personal Accounts Limit the Number of Emails You Can Send

Most personal email services are not set up to send bulk mailings and you are limited to sending only 100 emails at a time. Sending 1,000+ could take more than an hour to send.

List Management

Personal email services don’t have list management tools allowing the recepient to opt-out, offering opt-ins and duplicates. By using your personal email account to send your monthly newsletter you might be sending it to the same person multiple times, which could cause you to loose business. Besides managing your own list is time consuming.

It’s the Law

It is important to stay compliant with U.S. CAN SPAM laws. These laws are always evolving, and Constant Contact stays up on these latest changes. U.S. CAN SPAM laws require that you offer a valid opt-out to all of your email subscribers and honor that request within ten days. Additionally, every commercial email sent must include a physical email address. Without a solution provider, how do you manage your ask-offs? What if you accidentally add the customer’s email back to your list? Constant Contact handles this for you so you can get on with your business.

Branding and Rich Content

Many email solution providers allow you to customize your template.  This way you can create a template that looks similar to your website and allows you to brand your company and build an image that mirrors your website so your customers begin to recognize your company.

Also you are able to share powerful videos and images, unlike in personal accounts, which can help you to build loyalty to your business.



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