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Top 8 SEO Tools

on November 30, 2012

Top 7 SEO Tools

Some SEO tools you might find useful


1. SEOmoz PRO

SEOmoz helps with linking and tracking the competition. It is a great tool to monitor your progress. SEOmoz Pro provides on-page optimization and social media monitoring; specifically Facebook.


2. Market Samurai

Market Samurai includes automatic ranking checks for all your keywords in a few seconds. This can save a tremendous amount of time. You can also track competition and the monetary value of keywords.


3. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a link building tool. It analyzes the top sites linking to your website and tracks them over time. This is a good tool for making sure that sites link back if you have many reciprocals.


4. SEO quake

SEO quake is a toolbar extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. It works best with Bing and Yahoo, Google has done its best to prevent tools like this from gaining access. This is a tool that works best for monitoring stats outside of Google. It is similar in design to SEO book and as easy to use. You can monitor ranking on search engines with this tool.


5. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool provided for free to all users. It provides tracking and updates once a day. You can track the progress of your site over time, conversions, page views per minute and more. Google analytics makes it easier to track referrals and keyword traffic. You can also see your overall bounce rate and bounce rate by keyword. This helps you to see which keywords best match the material on the website.


6. Google Keyword Tool

This is a part of Google ad-words, but it is a feature on its own. You can check possible keyword matches for your site and how much traffic specific keywords receive. Then a site can use those keywords to their advantage, selecting low competition keywords that receive thousands of views.


7. Google Webmaster Tools

Another great tool by Google, webmaster tools helps to track visibility on the search engines. Webmaster tools also help to measure how bots are interacting with the website and use that information to improve how they crawl the site.


8. SEOProfiler

While back-links are becoming increasingly obsolete, SEOProfiler is still a great tool to maintain an advantage over your competition in back-links. They can reveal where competitors are getting their back-links and what the rankings of those back-links are. It is a great way to find out the rank of your website and inbound affiliate links as well.




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