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The Low Competition Keyword

on December 18, 2012

What are Low Competition Keywords?

Low competition keywords build credibility with Google. Focusing your energy on low competition keywords may not seem desirable, but trying to rank in high competition keywords wastes energy if a site has no previous credibility with Google. While not the most sought after keywords, low competition keywords can leverage other keywords if chosen wisely. By building backlinks through low competition keywords, a site will obtain a better page rank overall and boost its visibility.

Choose keywords that are synonyms or similar in meaning. Google often suggests sites with similar words to what a user is searching for. Once you rank well for low competition keywords Google will start to look at you as an authority in these areas.

Utilizing a diversity of vocabulary will increase the chances of being picked up in the search engine. Add medium and high competition keywords as well, so that as the credibility of the site rises it can rank higher for these as well. Wait for the chance to use the keywords as a focus for future content.

Another thing to remember about low competition keywords is that the keywords tend to be very specific to what the person is searching for. The words may be in the form of a phrase, a quote, or a question. When users type out a longer phrase for something specific, the likelihood of having competition for that word is generally low. If your site is relevant to that specific phrase or keyword users will be more likely to click for more information.


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